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Intruder Alarms


Intruder alarms are a major deterrent to burglars, and could be the single most effective way to protect your property. Whether you require a completely new alarm system, or you would like us to repair or maintain an existing alarm system, we can help you.

RSJ Security Systems can provide specially designed intruder alarm systems for domestic properties, small and medium commercial organisations, as well as large corporate enterprises. Our systems are effective in the deterrent of intruders and protect you most valuable assets.

We can construct a bespoke intruder alarm system to suit your requirements, whether that be a bells only system at your home property, or a monitored, police response system at your business premises. We will always survey a clients property before issuing a quote, so we can ensure that the most effective solution is being offered, to meet both your requirements, but also your budget.

Our systems can include infra-red motion sensors (PIR’s), door contacts, break-glass detectors, panic buttons and other detection methods, along with an exterior siren and bell box, and interior keypad and master panel. We can also install pet-friendly motion sensors so your dog or cat doesn’t trigger your alarm.

We also can assist when it comes to a graded system for lowering your home insurance.

Every system which we design and install will be subject to agreeance with yourself, complete satisfaction is what we aim for. Our standards of work will be to British Standard BS EN 50131 series or BS 4737 series, and our equipment is fully compliant with DD:243 PD6662:2010 - so you, like all our other clients, need not worry.

Wireless Alarms

Many clients have recently asked us about the possibility of installing a wireless burglar alarm system.

The choice between, wireless or wired can sometimes be determined by the type of your property. Get in touch with us to find out the most appropriate solution for your home.

The recent improvements in reliability and technology for wireless intruder alarms systems means we can now offer this as an option. In many cases wireless alarm systems have become the preferred method over a conventional hard wired set-up in home installations. These can be ideal for a small house, flat or apartment.

Monitoring and Keyholding

We work with Southern monitoring services to offer our customers intruder alarm monitoring and keyholding. In the event of an activation, one of their fully trained and vetted Alarm Response Officers will be on site quickly to deal with the situation and ensure your property is secured. Police response systems can also be installed. For more information on our monitoring services please contact us or visit

Speech Dialling

Be alerted if your alarm goes off whilst you are away from home. RSJ Security Systems can install a speech dialler with your alarm system, which will dial pre-set numbers or send a text message in the event of an alarm activation via your telephone line or a mobile Sim card. This enables you to make arrangements to have someone check your property for you, and you can also de-activate your alarm remotely.

24 Hour Call Out Assistance

Has your alarm malfunctioned in the middle of the night and is keeping your neighbours awake? If so, you can contact us and one of our engineers will be happy to talk you through how to silence the alarm so you can go back to bed!

If you are unable to silence the alarm yourself, an engineer will get to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue and restore peace.

Intruder Alarms

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